7.12.11-Tribe Called Quest Doc
7.14.11-Why I’m Ready for L.A. and the People I Want to Meet

In between my study of what executives and corporations can do to induce and sustain creatives and their work environments, I’ve been developing my “executive artist.” For years, I struggled on the corporate ladder at Lifetime and MTV Networks. (Read more of my story here.)

Part of the problem was fear–of failure and success. Part of it was that I wasn’t totally committed to being an “executive” that managed “creatives” (i.e. writers, actors, etc.) Inside, I wanted to write and produce and direct.

But the corporate world, and in most cases academia, wants individuals to choose between being and executive and being an artist. Even when artists take on executive roles, they are seen as figure heads that don’t really do the work. While executives who are talented are told to hide or hobby their creative skills.

Well know that I’ve left my cubicle behind (my one year anniversary is soon approaching. yayy!) I’m working hard to recapture my “inner artist.” So in addition to sharing tools and tips about my corporate detox on this blog, I’ll share my musings, mishaps and maturation as a storyteller. I hope it’s helpful and entertaining.

I call myself an “executive artist” because I can’t throw away, nor would I want to, the tools I learned in corporate America that I found beneficial and productive. I still love “to do lists.” I understand, and rather enjoy observing, the influence of personality differences in office politics. I still read the trades and keep track of who own’s who, ratings and executive shuffles. And I can write a pretty darn good organized, streamlined, politically correct email. So, I’m not just an artist. I’m an executive artist. And this is my journal.

The most recent entry will always be shared as a post and then archived on this page. So check back often for new entries and as always, share your what’s going on in your world. Enjoy!


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