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Give This Article a Glance: Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business//June 2011

Here is the review of the June 2011 issue of Fast Company with the cover story on 100 Most Creative People in Business I promised. I read through about 90% of the individuals mentioned. The article gives a wide overview of persons in a variety of industries from journalism to game developers to the chief of a tribe who have found new and different ways to solve problems and approach business.

Seeing others work outside the norms can be an awesome motivator for anyone looking to be more inventive on the job. It can also lead you to resources including web sites and books written by or about these awesome folks. I would definitely give it a glance!

Alex Kipman Microsoft

Alex Kipman Microsoft featured as no. 19 in Fast Company's June 2011 issue, "The 100 Most Creative Business People."


Article Alert 5.25.11

Here are two articles to read about creativity. My summaries and comments coming soon. Give them a read and share your thoughts. I’ll be sharing the hard copy versions, but you can find both of these online as well. Happy reading either way.

Check out in the May 2011 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. That issue also has a special report about music industry innovators. FYI for some reason the issue I bought in Houston is called “The Idea Issue” and has a different cover. No matter. I checked and the articles are the same.


Entrepreneur Magazine May 2011

Also give a glance to Fast Company’s June 2011 issue cover story, “The 100 Most Creative People in the Business.” The cover should be enough to pique your interest. Team Coco!

Fast Company June 2011

Fast Company June 2011