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Ideas for anyone who hates their cubicle or office

I could find a report with statistics about how your workspace affects your mood and work productivity. But if you work in a dull cubicle or a cookie-cutter office, you probably already know that. Here is my old cube from Nickelodeon Networks:
I have to be honest. Working at VH1 and Nickelodeon Networks in Times Square in MTVN’s 1515, I was blessed with offices above par. (Don’t mind my cheesin’. It was the first day with my new haircut.) These days my office is the outdoors. Perks of being jobless/working for yourself.

I stumbled on a print out from (a top ten creative stimulant) about creative work environments. If you want to get inspired or motivated to add some flair and stimulation to your workspace. This post is for you.

I couldn’t find that specific article on CoolHunter, though they have many new ones as a apart of their World’s Most Creative Work Environments Series. But I did find the original blog post: Chamdesign-Creative Work Environments-Do you work in one? Worth a look.

But if your answer is no, you may not to check this out at your desk. You may get so upset at the boring cubicle you are chained to that you’ll start throwing staplers and paper clips around. Or you may be inspired to reinvent/redecorate your workspace. Here are a few links to inspire you and jump start ideas, especially if you have a home office:

Office Decorating For the Creative Mind
Creative Looks from the Google Office
Creative Home Office Ideas
Office Design from Jean De Lessard

Any pictures of a creative cube transformation are welcome!

I am starting to hate the word “office.” The connotation makes me itch. What are some better terms (or should I say euphemisms) for the word office? Wherever my next indoor place of business is established, I’ve got to make sure it’s a place that invigorates my creative senses.