“Got treasures in my mind, but I couldn’t open up my own vault.”—Kanye West, Power


When I left my job in November 2010 to pursue my career as a writer I just knew I would be writing until my fingers bled. Furiously turning out pages. Writing screenplays, books and plays at record pace.

Instead I found that my creative pipeline was blocked. I worked on the same idea for months and got nowhere. Doubt and years of corporate culture–with no weapon to fend off digital distractions–frustrated my efforts.

But I knew that one of my natural gifts was generating ideas. Now that I was banking my livelihood on that, I sought resources to strengthen my creative muscles. Then I thought maybe others could benefit from the boon of my quest.

The first version of Creatives Culture was intended as a site to share the reflections on my creative journey and provide a hub of resources for anyone else interested. I wanted to post nice pictures and cute videos about me trying to revive my inner artist. Then Judy McGrath “resigned” from her post at MTVN, my former employer, in May 2011.

I can’t really explain why, but it hit me hard. Read the back story here. A militant spirit rose up in me. A militant is defined as a “somebody aggressively supporting a cause.” My cause is the protection of creative executives, their ideas and workspaces. This site for the corporate employee who feels their creativity energy is being stifled—destroyed even—by corporate practices that push productivity at the expense of innovation.

I know everyone can’t leave his or her jobs like I did. (Though I would still suggest it if you are single and don’t have children.) I know switching careers or starting a business takes time. So until you leave your day job for dream job, until you work out the plan to work for yourself, Creatives Culture will aid your cause to revive your creative mojo!

I’ll do my very best to help you assemble creative allies and provide resources to fight those who wish to see the spirit of innovation or risk-taking eliminated in favor of asserting bottom-line thinking as the primary principle of a corporation. It’s the least I can do as an outsider who broke free of my cubicle.

You may notice military or warfare terminology on this site. Have no fear! I love the U.S.A. But I use that tone to project how serious this is for me. We have a right to pursue innovation and original ideas wherever we work, whatever our profession. Yet, corporate America has convinced us that it is the privilege of a chosen few, in selected industries to be good thinkers who chase originality. I truly believe that if we reclaim our rights to think differently and act intuitively, that not only will we be better employees, we will be more fulfilled individuals.

Let the creative revolution begin…with you.

Wanda Weithers was born in St. Kitts, West Indies raised in Houston, lived in Brooklyn for 9 years and recently relocated to Los Angeles. Wanda worked in television as an assistant to executives and producers at Lifetime Television, VH1 and Nickelodeon Networks.

Brooklyn Spring in the Park

Brooklyn Spring in the Park

When Wanda is not reading, scribbling in her notenook or producing with her company Sleepy Jean Entertainment, she enjoys taking dance lessons, discovering spicy foods and daydreaming. She likes Batman over Superman, Popeye’s over KFC and would like to believe the dreidel in Inception stopped spinning.


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