Creative Challenge 1.0–Go Analog

Experiencing art in its original or classic form can re-introduce you to nuances that are lost with the convenience of technology. Give your mind and soul a chance to sense something new and hopefully reveal a feeling or perspective that will spark more original thoughts in your daily/professional life. These suggestions are influenced by an article I read in New York Magazine’s July 11th issue. Thanks guys! And the trend seems to be catching on other places. Check out the analog underground in Chicago.

1. Instead of keyboards, try a typewriter.
2. Trade in your mp3/iPod for vinyl and turntables.
3. Make a celluloid movie on a Super-8 camera instead of your flip cam.

4. Visit a printing press or a publishing festival before you buy your next e-book.
5. Try film photography instead of your camera phone.
6. Go back to your vintage video game console for a day and give the Farmville or Xbox a rest.

Now some of these will require a little digging in your neighborhood or ironically, online. Others a little instruction. It might be worth it, you may stumble on a new hobby or better, discover a new talent. If you think of something not on the list, give it try. Go retro and enjoy it. If you do, please share.

Here is a video I found about the dying art of the darkroom. Dudes is a little scary, but still a little cool.

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