Certified Good Read-The New Creative Class, Entrepreneur//May 2011

The New Creative Class is a certified good read.


Bruce Mau is part of "The Creative Class" in the Entrepreneur May 2011 issue.

Here is some of the good stuff:
-Bruce Mau, world-renowned designer, says, “Chief among the folks tales [regarding creativity] is the the belief that great ideas or product designs spring fully formed from the minds of innovative people.”
-Mau has authored a 43-point menu of strategies and attitudes at brucemaudesign.com entitled, “The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.” A few examples are:
1) Keep moving, 2) Ask stupid questions and 3) Capture accidents

Here is the video presentation of the manifesto. Thank God for You Tube!

-John Kao, author of Innovation Nation and Jamming:The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity says, “Creativity requires a skill set that’s polar opposite from results-oriented production mode.” He adds that, “They [executives] think creativity is about periodically letting your hair down and coming up with wacky ideas, being bohemian for a day.”

Here is John Kao on The Colbert Report. Always willing to share anything from Mr. Colbert. 🙂

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John Kao
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I have to admit that not too long ago I thought that this blog might be futile and self-serving. I asked myself, “Is anybody really interested in this stuff–being creative?! This article confirms that I am on the right track. Whoo hoo! These late night are not in vain.

I really hope you get something from this read–inspiration, courage, resources–something to help you the next time you walk into your office. If you do, please share.

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