Creative Militancy Pt. 2: Fight for Your Idea

In my post Creative Militancy: How Judy McGrath Changed My Blog, I promised a tactical plan to transform yourself into a creative militant and your environment into a creative culture.


I imagine that once this series is complete, I’ll create an order. But this seemed like a good place start. Fight for your idea. John Kotter, author of “Buy In* saving your good idea from being shot down” gives us a game plan.

Below is an interview with Kotter for Harvard Business Publishing Ideacast sharing concepts to fight for your ideas. The video is kinda dry but the information is juicy. Good stuff in there.

In case you can’t press through it, here is a rundown:

1. Confusion-getting the conversation so convoluted, people can not follow the idea
2. Fear mongering-pushing anxiety buttons
3. Death by delay-“let’s start a task force to investigate this” or “we need more research”
4. Ridicule-character/reputation assassination

1. Invite the “lions” to draw attention to your idea
2. Keep it simple
3. Treat anybody/everybody with respect
4. Prepare

Tell me how these work in the next meeting or brainstorm session. I’m always looking for creative war stories.

*In the video he says five things, but I only counted four. If I missed something please share, it’s 345a.

2 responses to “Creative Militancy Pt. 2: Fight for Your Idea

  1. These are great tips. I’m heading into two client meetings next week where I will be presenting ideas and there may be a few “lions.” After watching the video, I’m excited that everyone will have a seat at the table. Wish me luck!

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