Beer, billboards and character

On my last day in New York City, I strolled the city to soak in the essence of Manhattan street walking and people watching. I looked up and saw a billboard for Leffe on the side of the building that spoke to my spirit.

My apologies for not having a crisp image to share. All I had was my trusty 3G iPhone The copy read, “Your next conversation piece lies within.” And the tag was “Craft your character.” Exactly!


Now what does that really mean? Well for Leffe Craft Your Character is a marketing campaign and storytelling competition. Shouldn’t be too hard to get people to talk about themselves.

For me, it is the starting point for the creative education I’ve been giving myself over the last three months. I am developing an inventive and adventurous thought process. Making it my natural behavior so it can define my character.

As a tv geek-in-training and aspiring television producer the art of storytelling is my holy grail. The current definition of a conversation piece “refers to objects that were perceived to be interesting enough to spark conversation about them.” But I presume a master storyteller will not need forced inspiration to captivate an audience or ignite discourse.

Leffe got it right. The best stories lie within. And the more I work on my character as a creative producer, dive into new interests and old passions, confidently bring all of me to every situation—what the last six jobless months have been dedicated to—the more stories I’ll have to tell. I recently added “Walking the Brooklyn Bridge” and “Last Night in New York” to my repertoire. Where do your stories come from?

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