Bridge Over Brooklyn Dreams (artist date no. 2)

So I finally managed another Artist Date. (Check out the first artist date in LA. Kinda scary.) Julie Cameron, author of the The Artist’s Way, suggests you have one every week. I’ve been too busy. For real. Moving from New York to Los Angeles can take up a lot of time.

The sky on a foggy day from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The list of people to see and things to do kept growing. I wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge one last time. I was throwing it out there to friends hoping someone would cheerfully say, “I’ll do it with you!” No one took the bait.

I made the stroll my artist date. As I walked the bridge from downtown Manhattan to Brooklyn, I thought about how many times I’ve cheated myself from an experience because no one in my close circle wanted to join me. And in New York of all places—where rolling solo is respectable! The only reason I walked alone this time was because I knew I was leaving the city in a week.

Brooklyn Bridge

Supporting new ideas or different approaches may mean walking alone on the job. Last week, I watched a documentary about John Lasseter from Pixar. This guy is a creative champion. But early in his career when he wanted to combine 2D drawings with computer animation, everyone wasn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon. Eventually he found a crew to roll with. But what if he gave up because Disney wasn’t on board with his ideas? No Toy Story? No Wall-E?!

As I think about my future in television in LA, I realize how salient this artist date was for me. Pursuing a new idea or taking a different approach will not be determined by the crowd it draws. I’ve got to be strong!

Shout out to Green Day for a song that pumps me up:

Have you ever missed out on an experience because you were waiting for a crowd? Where will you walk alone in 2011?

4 responses to “Bridge Over Brooklyn Dreams (artist date no. 2)

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  4. I didn’t know that.

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