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Certified Good Read-The New Creative Class, Entrepreneur//May 2011

The New Creative Class is a certified good read.


Bruce Mau is part of "The Creative Class" in the Entrepreneur May 2011 issue.

Here is some of the good stuff:
-Bruce Mau, world-renowned designer, says, “Chief among the folks tales [regarding creativity] is the the belief that great ideas or product designs spring fully formed from the minds of innovative people.”
-Mau has authored a 43-point menu of strategies and attitudes at entitled, “The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.” A few examples are:
1) Keep moving, 2) Ask stupid questions and 3) Capture accidents

Here is the video presentation of the manifesto. Thank God for You Tube!

-John Kao, author of Innovation Nation and Jamming:The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity says, “Creativity requires a skill set that’s polar opposite from results-oriented production mode.” He adds that, “They [executives] think creativity is about periodically letting your hair down and coming up with wacky ideas, being bohemian for a day.”

Here is John Kao on The Colbert Report. Always willing to share anything from Mr. Colbert. 🙂

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I have to admit that not too long ago I thought that this blog might be futile and self-serving. I asked myself, “Is anybody really interested in this stuff–being creative?! This article confirms that I am on the right track. Whoo hoo! These late night are not in vain.

I really hope you get something from this read–inspiration, courage, resources–something to help you the next time you walk into your office. If you do, please share.


Creative Militancy Pt. 2: Fight for Your Idea

In my post Creative Militancy: How Judy McGrath Changed My Blog, I promised a tactical plan to transform yourself into a creative militant and your environment into a creative culture.


I imagine that once this series is complete, I’ll create an order. But this seemed like a good place start. Fight for your idea. John Kotter, author of “Buy In* saving your good idea from being shot down” gives us a game plan.

Below is an interview with Kotter for Harvard Business Publishing Ideacast sharing concepts to fight for your ideas. The video is kinda dry but the information is juicy. Good stuff in there.

In case you can’t press through it, here is a rundown:

1. Confusion-getting the conversation so convoluted, people can not follow the idea
2. Fear mongering-pushing anxiety buttons
3. Death by delay-“let’s start a task force to investigate this” or “we need more research”
4. Ridicule-character/reputation assassination

1. Invite the “lions” to draw attention to your idea
2. Keep it simple
3. Treat anybody/everybody with respect
4. Prepare

Tell me how these work in the next meeting or brainstorm session. I’m always looking for creative war stories.

*In the video he says five things, but I only counted four. If I missed something please share, it’s 345a.

Article Alert 5.25.11

Here are two articles to read about creativity. My summaries and comments coming soon. Give them a read and share your thoughts. I’ll be sharing the hard copy versions, but you can find both of these online as well. Happy reading either way.

Check out in the May 2011 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. That issue also has a special report about music industry innovators. FYI for some reason the issue I bought in Houston is called “The Idea Issue” and has a different cover. No matter. I checked and the articles are the same.


Entrepreneur Magazine May 2011

Also give a glance to Fast Company’s June 2011 issue cover story, “The 100 Most Creative People in the Business.” The cover should be enough to pique your interest. Team Coco!

Fast Company June 2011

Fast Company June 2011