Nothing New Under The Sun

My first posting comes after a long day working on Act Four of my pilot. I am seconds away from letting my weary eyes fall out of their sockets. Hope all is well with you.

So yes, it does seem a little arrogant and precocious to start a blog dedicated to the goal of being more creative. As I wrote my little description, “…student of original thought”, I could hear a few of my proudly intellectual and pop culture snobby friends scoff silently.

They would claim, as well as some friends of yours may believe, that our efforts are futile. Either they believe there are no original thoughts left to be had in all of the universe or that you can not learn to become more creative; you are or you aren’t. My best rebuttle is… to hell with them.

The truth is very few of us are living up to our full potential. Sure, some of us are pretty damn close. We all know a few folks who always seem just one inch shy of perfection. So don’t share this blog with them. They don’t need it.

This blog is for folks who are up for the challenge of relentlessly pursuing something new. Whether it be a new twist, strategy or audience for an existing idea or giving birth to a new pattern or process for thinking.

Of course there is nothing new under the sun. It’s the freakin’ sun! And no matter how matter much we elevate ourselves, we’ll never see the Earth from that vantage point or for that amount of time. So don’t worry about impressing the sun. It can not be done.

But if you are interested in strengthening your creative muscle and mind to impress your supervisor, your significant other, angel investors or yourself…well, we can do something about that.

And now my eyes are burning. I should probably stare at a wall somewhere. Be well comrades.

From my home office in Brooklyn,

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